What They Say

Recommendations For Dr. Rhonda, Founder
The Mutare Group (The precursor of “Ask Dr. Rhonda”)

“Rhonda has managed our family owned business with a terrific attention to detail. Through her hard work and determination, our property values have increased. Her ability to control costs and attract top notch vendors is second to none. When she focuses her energy on a project, you can consider that mission accomplished in short order.” November 17, 2009 — Kevin Waters, MBA, Senior Sales Manager, Ourisman Ford, worked directly with Rhonda at The Mutare Group

“Rhonda contributed towards my acquired skills and knowledge during my MBA program. Her commitment to excellence, dedication and great leadership, makes her one of a kind! :)” October 11, 2009Bukky Erinle, Operations and Control Analyst, George Weston, was a consultant or contractor to Rhonda at The Mutare Group

“Dr. Waters communicates with the exact amount of frequency and details needed in a given situation. This results in a supportive collaboration.” October 8, 2009 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On TimeCynthia Troller, 
hired Rhonda as a Ph.D. Faculty Chair and Mentor in 2006

“Rhonda was my first professor at University of Phoenix. Were it not for her level of professional knowledge and talent, I might not have completed my degree. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.” October 8, 2009 — Agi Sardi, Student, Boston University – School of Management, reported to Rhonda at The Mutare Group

“Rhonda was instrumental in helping me successfully manage a career change. Her practical and positive guidance kept me focused on achieving my goals as a photography consultant. 

Her manual “Career Transitions: A Proactive Approach Resource Workbook” is a resource I continue to use to develop my career. 

Rhonda Waters is an excellent coach and thorough professional. Her expertise would bring value to any enterprise.” October 7, 2009 — Michelle Graham, Independent Photography Consultant, Self Employed, was with another company when working with Rhonda at The Mutare Group

“I’ve known Rhonda since she started the Mutare Group many years ago. Since I have been intimately involved in helping her with marketing activities I have not only been privy to the scope and quality of her work, but of her blazing intelligence and compelling presence. She is a brilliant analyst, able to pick out salient bits of data and make informed recommendations. She is an inspiring educator, her enthusiasm for her subject cannot help but infect her students. And she is a passionate community leader, participating at all levels and devotedly giving of herself. She is an inspiration to all who have the privilege of meeting her. I could not recommend her more.” October 7, 2009 — Bert Jackson, CEO, Koa Interactive Media, LLC, was a consultant or contractor to Rhonda at The Mutare Group

“Rhonda has demonstrated a wonderful initiative and a positive attitude toward accomplishment. Both qualities that have made her a valuable member of her team at a major telecommunications company. In addition to her general duties, Rhonda revamped an existing system to better productivity and she measured cause and effect. She also identified a need for decrease turnover and increase job satisfaction. She researched the options and created a persuasive proposal that convinced the Director of her organization to find the funds for the project. 
Rhonda’s attitude, application of effort and innovative spirit will be strong assets to your company.” October 7, 2009 — Elayne Young, Manager, Verizon, worked with Rhonda at The Mutare Group

“Rhonda is not only compassionate but focused!!! I have always enjoyed working with Rhonda on dissertation committees because she is thorough and makes a difference. She is very detail oriented and value conscious. I would recommend her in a flash and am very proud as well as honored to have her in my corner as a colleague and good friend.” October 7, 2009 — Janice Spangenburg, PhD, Dissertation Chair and Faculty in Leadership, HR and Organization and Management, Capella University, worked directly with Rhonda at The Mutare Group

Adjunct Faculty

University of Phoenix

“Dr. Waters was the consummate mentor during my doctoral studies. She is a passionate and driven person who kept me focused and on task throughout my time working on my Doctorate. I can safely say that having her in my corner during those trials and tribulations was the added advantage to the ultimate successful completion of my degree and the reason I am now a Doctor myself. She is truly a valuable asset to anyone’s team.” November 4, 2009 — Edric Spruill, D.M., Student, University of Phoenix, worked directly with Rhonda at University of Phoenix


Union Institute & University

“Dr. Rhonda is the kind of person who faces challenges as great opportunities for better improvement, not as obstacles. Her paying attention to detail and enthusiasm has made a huge positive change in my learning process as an MBA student at University of Phoenix in the greater Boston Campus. Her professionalism is above and beyond my expectations. I recommend her as the main support to any motivated person who wants to make a change. Looking forward to working with her in the future.” March 15, 2010 — Adil Zihri, Student, University of Phoenix, Braintree MA, studied with Rhonda at Union Institute & University