The Individual Worker: Come In From the Cold

Last but not least, the individual worker has always been the backbone of the workforce.  Labor Day honors him/her.  Many people define themselves by there jobs.  So losing a job, being fired, downsized, laid off starts with a terrible blow to self as well as ensuing financial hardship.  In the “Ask Dr. Rhonda” world, consultations, coaching, and mentoring are appropriate to salvage the sinking ship.

At the other side of the bell-shaped curve are people who want to change the jobs they have.   Even at best, the average person now changes jobs about every 5 years. For various reasons ranging from poor personal relationships to pure boredom, many individuals will opt to jump ship without a stone to step on.  But there are options and certainly etiquette to departing that will endear your decision to your employer and ingrain a willingness to write a sterling recommendation.  “Ask Dr. Rhonda” will show you how to do it right.

Finally.  Here you are, 50+ years old and still needing or wanting to work.  Now things are not as easy: the competition is pressing from younger and more technically savvy workers.  In Japan your age would elevate you to revered status.  Not so in these United States.  You need to look realistically at options and opportunities, and decide if there is a niche for you.  You DO have many valuable attributes that are just not being taught anymore, which positively impact customer service.  As Shakespeare’s character said, “Assume a virtue if you have it not.”  “Ask Dr. Rhonda” can help you sort out your strengths and practical contact matters that you will need to land or create that job.

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