Corporate Remedies

The public usually thinks of Corporations as impersonal multimillion dollar businesses housed on a high-rise.  In fact, the term has nothing to do with size, but more with structure, taxation and liability.  In other words, a corporation is generally more stringently bound than most other forms of business to the government (state) where they are incorporated.  A corporation may consist of a single working owner with or without employees, either in a PC, LLC, or Sub-Chapter S for instance; or many levels of interest such as stock-holders, boards of directors, etc.

For the purpose of our services, “Ask Dr. Rhonda” and associates can guide you in select processes, or help create new models. We customize programs specific to industries and individuals. The project design is flexible to allow for variations within positive frameworks. We have many tools available to increase productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction.  During our time together, you and “Ask Dr. Rhonda” will collaborate to create the best possible outcome for your business.  A typical cohesive plan might look like these service activities:

  • Build and improve processes and systems as needed through consultancy
  • Deliver educational sessions, workshops, and seminars as appropriate
  • Implement and measure improvement and transition strategies using organizational development and project management principles
  • Promote the advantages of change through concrete and motivational presentations using proven coaching techniques.

The primary focus areas used to achieve these outcomes generally include:

  • Operational Reviews
  • Operations Analysis
  • Development of Operational and Quality Standards
  • Cultural Surveys
  • Vision – Mission Statement Development
  • Team and Community Building
  • Methods for Credentialing and Retaining Qualified Employees
  • Executive Coaching


  • At any point when you are starting a business, ideally right at the starting gate
  • If you have problems with your bottom line.
  • When your customers complain or numbers of buyers drop off
  • If you have employee dissatisfaction or turnover
  • When you are generally uncomfortable with your organization
  • When you believe the competition is overwhelming your market share
  • After you name your own problem, ________________