Keynote Speeches

As a former member of The Professional Speakers Association, Dr. Waters has extensive experts in sharing pertinent information to involve and empower groups.  “Ask Dr. Rhonda” uses real examples and case studies to translate complex learning processes into manageable, interesting keynotes and conference breakouts.

Keynote speeches are excellent vehicles to get to know Dr. Waters and the quality that you can expect from other “Ask Dr. Rhonda” services.

Below is a sampling of available speeches.


Change your attitude  — change your life. Find out how releasing outmoded ideas will open new doors.

Keeping Customers Forever

How to develop lifelong relationships with customers. Define the vision that allows employees to overcome barriers to excellence.

Capitalizing on Diversity

Look at the many ways to maintain and increase market share and retain qualified employees. Build an inclusive workforce that makes it possible to tap into the power of diversity to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing economy.

Collaborative Learning

What every manager needs to know: How to improve productivity using adult learning models.

Would You Want to Work for You?

70% of employees leave jobs because of ill treatment by their supervisors. Explore how your employees’ opinions about you impact the bottom line.

Career Development

What do employers want? Learn key skills to enhance your value as an employee in today’s market.


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