Project Management

Training in the full spectrum of the Project Management Institute’s Body of KnowledgeTM is available on request.

Project Management Overview
This 1- 2 day customized course will give members of your organization a basic understanding of Project Management. It will give all stakeholders a baseline snapshot to begin thinking about their projects in the most efficient and integrated way.

Project Management Implementation
This 4-5 day course will help get your teams up and running using the PM models. We will work using YOUR own projects so everyone can see how PM works. This really helps people understand how PM can benefit them.

Effective Project Planning and Leadership
This course covers project management tools and techniques to plan, implement, and deliver projects on time, within budget, and according to pre-implementation specifications. Emphasis is on creating realistic goals, objectives, and work breakdown structures.

Success Strategies for Female Project Managers
Researchers agree that there are differences between the ways women and men manage. Both face the pressure to meet time demands, maintain cost controls, and effectively translate specifications. To efficiently manage projects, female project managers must be able to capitalize on those differences to maximize productivity while gaining the respect and support of the project team, stakeholders, and customers.

This course provides strategies for successfully managing projects, developing dynamic leadership skills, and mastering the art of self-empowerment. It focuses on defining self as leader, effective communication, developing a support network, risk taking, understanding the organization’s politics, and managing the project’s human resources.