Education & Training

“Ask Dr. Rhonda” has a variety of programs and topics to get you and your company up to speed. In addition, new programs are constantly developing in response to our Clients’ needs.  Please click on the topics below for descriptions of our most popular products.

Corporate Level

Organizational Development

“Ask Dr. Rhonda” provides training seminars and workshops in many areas of Organizational Development. This education can be presented individually, or as a series to groups, and customized to create a specific, in-depth learning experience. The following is a sampling of courses currently available. Please ask if you don’t see what you need!

  • Quality Is Alive And Well In Customer Service
  • Leading Your Workforce into the Future: Maximizing The Advantages Of Diversity
  • Understanding And Managing Organizational Conflict
  • Leading Successful Organizational Change

Project Management

All Project Management Seminars and Workshops can be customized to address specific organizational issues. Training in the full spectrum of the Project Management Institute’s Body of KnowledgeTM is available on request.

  • Project Management Overview
  • Project Management Implementation.
  • Effective Project Planning and Leadership
  • Success Strategies for Female Project Managers
  • 5-Phase Project Management: A Guide to Project Success From Start to Finish

Start-up and Small Business Level

Any of the training topics under Organizational Development and Project Management can be modified for the Entrepreneur start-up, new, or small business.  Additionally you may be interested in aspects of the following topics in Career Development.

Individuals, Career Transitions and 50+ers

Career Development

Government statistics indicate that the average person will change jobs six to eight times in his lifetime. The issue of job change, then, is not “if,” but “when.”  “Ask Dr. Rhonda” provides on-site seminars, workshops, and teleseminars to assist participants in developing life-long career goals and implementation of their plans. On the reverse, these seminars can be modified to give employers strategies to maximize employee retention and productivity in a win-win environment.

  • 12 Strategies for Career Transition
  • Career Development: Present Skills, Future Skills
  • Time Management and Stress in the Workplace
  • Love My Work, Hate My Job: A Reality Check and Strategies for Coping or Leaving
  • Experienced Seniors Out-of-Work: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly