Sitting is the new smoking

by mutare on April 30, 2012

Deskpreneurs – get up! Research has begun to show that sitting for extended periods of time may be hazardous to our health.  We KNEW that already but many of us had not thought about how short that time could be for an impact. One study from the Mayo Clinic says over sitting over four hours per day increased the risk of death from cardiovascular disease goes up 80% over folks with less than 2 hours.  

Jeepers, how can I work less than four hours a day? Okay that is not realistic but getting up frequently makes a difference. Several years ago I tried to figure out how to do this without it looking like crap or me spending a fortune. Then I was unsuccessful. But there are better options now. Researching this blog I found that other folks have been looking into this since the mid-2000s.

I use a desktop model PC with 2 big monitors and that has still proved to be challenging, partly because I want the option to sit occasionally ;-). I would also like to be able to recumbent bike or walk while working – again occasionally.  Now I still have to get up and go elsewhere. Not the worst thing.

Getting up and walking around is still a lot better than sitting still for extended periods. One friend of mine has an app that reminds her every 45 minutes to stretch and walk a bit. If you tend to sit in one place al day and hardly even take lunch I encourage you to get into the habit of walking around the block hourly. See the sun a few times other than from your car.

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