What are you worth?

by mutare on April 26, 2012

A ridiculous question but one many of us have asked and then not answered properly. You are in fact —priceless J. Aside from the humor when considering a new job or promotion a step some folks need to do is a stare & compare on what you will be paid. I mean paid in all forms. Some companies have great incentives that actually do not cost them a dime – think flextime. 4 ten hour days or working 11AM-7PM when commuting time is often less.

Does the company have health care? What part do employees pay? Some give access to the group rates with most of the amount paid by employees. That is okay as long as you know what it will cost when that amount is deducted from your salary. In Massachusetts a family of four can easily pay $1000 a month – yep. Will you be able to telecommute? How often? One friend of mine was told she would only need to visit the office weekly. Enter new boss – nothing in writing – guess who now goes to office 4 days a week?     

I see lots of folks who are changing fields. Many of them have no real ideal the financial costs initially might be to change from a top tiered job to a new area where they are not already a known expert. I am NOT saying that you cannot change fields. What you need to do is keep your current job if possible and organize realistic goals for the shift.

This means gaining knowledge of the realities you may face in a worst case scenario where you might be jobless for an extended period while others get hired ahead of you. Can you repackage similarities from past jobs to show you are not a total newbie? If you have supervised people in operations there is a solid discussion that those methods will work in sales or marketing. You will need to show skills from course work or certifications in the content field in any case.

You MIGHT get hired with no formal training in a field where you have a desire to work if you give a great interview (IF you even get one). BUT you will take a real shot in the wallet. Some areas expect degrees or certifications and will not budge. IF that is the case GET the diploma required. I earned my degrees working full time you can too!

If you plan to start your own business – great! But a topic for a different blog.

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