Eating out early in the tourist season

by rwaters on April 9, 2011

Today was a bright sunny day on Cape Cod so I decided a drive to the end of the earth would be in order. This involved a 45 minute drive that was unhurried and not stressful. In about 6 weeks this same trip will change because of being stuck in the traffic that is sure to come. Okay, later in the month if it gets warmer.

If you have not been to Cape Cod off prime tourist season of between Memorial & Labor days you really need to visit. The weather can be great and not having to wait in line for everything from parking spaces to a rest room makes it even better.

One down side is that not everything is open in Provincetown – yet. There are a few restaurants that stay open all year like Napi’s and Governor Bradford. But most take off at least one month – “usually” January. Many are closed for several months. So if you plan to visit off season expect a different Ptown to greet you. If you want to know what is open and when for try (

Today we went to the Post Office Café & Cabaret. I have waited in line a few times to get in there during high season – shhh. But now I am spoiled by the ease of visiting just before the lunch crowd arrived in an off peak week. Located at 303 Commercial St. it is close to the Wharf parking and Town Hall. As best I can tell they do not have a web page…. As I have never been to the Cabaret part I cannot tell how that runs, but the videos on look like fun.

Alas we were partial casualties of the new season with deliveries not being quite what is needed yet. Being on my vegan kick I wanted the grilled veggies plate. But it was not available. I was told quickly by the friendly server who then had an alternative suggestion for a veggie wrap. They also did not have Chicken Parm Bonnie wanted so she had a grilled chicken sandwich with marinara sauce. Because of not being able to get what we asked for our sodas were free. My wrap was fine even without cheese. It included artichokes, peppers, mushrooms.

As we were finishing lunch the front dining area was almost full with out-of-towners carrying bags from local shops. Spring is here and the tourists are returning. Come before it gets full – you have been warned.

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– Founder of The Mutare Group,
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