“Local Secret” -Kelly’s Roast Beef

by mutare on April 22, 2012

First, Kelly’s Roast Beef (http://kellysroastbeef.com) is NO secret to anyone from the Metro Boston area and much beyond. The “Secret” is how to enjoy them at Revere Beach during the summer. If you have tried to take out of town family to see one of the longest and best groomed beaches in the area during the summer when it is jammed wall to wall all day. June – September there are life guards but the beach itself is always open for the brave & hardy (us).

Parking often fills up from in front of Kelly’s as people plan their lunch time expeditions. THAT is a great plan if you want to spend all day at the beach in July. If you are working or only have a few hours taking the MBTA from downtown prevents the parking struggles during primetime.

Finally – here is the real deal. Stop at the Medford Kelly’s – 35 Revere Beach Parkway (near Wellington) hit the drive through and then drive the remaining few miles to Revere Beach itself. BTW this is the site of America’s first public beach. Sun, history and fried seafood! Is now a good time to mention that Kelly’s Roast Beef is most famous not only for the RB but also for New England style fried seafood?

You CAN eat inside the all the other Kelly’s – BUT NOT the one on Revere Beach. That one is the first and is walk up windows only and at lunch time it can have pretty long lines. I know because I have stood in them. If you want to wait in them too just show up at Revere Beach oat 1130 any day after school gets out. IF you want to get a great lunch and have time to enjoy the beach follow my suggestions above.  

What insider lunch spots do you visit for lunch? Will you share the “secret” to getting in & out quickly? Outside of Boston is great too.

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