Just drive when you are driving

by mutare on April 27, 2012

Get a pad & paper for the following test. I challenge you to sit for a few minutes next to any busy intersection and count cars for five minutes. YOU need to be stationary not doing anything else. Make sure you can see the faces of the drivers passing. Count the number of cars. Then make a mark on the pad for each driver you see doing something with one of their hands other than driving. I HOPE they are driving with the other hand!

Yesterday while I was waiting to cross the street I saw 7 of 10 drivers leaving my local mall were eating, drinking or talking on their cell phone. Driving was not their only key priority. I could lecture you about the safety issues you already know. This time think what you are showing your children. When THEY start driving do you really think they won’t want to text & drive? Unless you block them by using a program the first time you learn they have not followed your instructions and instead followed your example might be when they call after an “accident.” I hope they are able to call….

YOU might want to have the software for yourself – to remove temptation.

Here is some info on what is available.  Some cell service providers may also have options.


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