Getting ready to roar in 2011 takes planning

by rwaters on November 26, 2010

You may not think planning is “fun” but I respectfully disagree, without reasonable planning we must constantly go back and redo work.  This slows progress to goals. Reaching goals is not only fun it is reassuring. In my coaching practice I find many seemingly intelligent adults posed too far on one end or the other of the planning continuum.  They either work from gut instinct alone or have analysis paralysis. As is often the case balance is better.

Gut instinct folks want to be in motion – this is great. But sometimes they are running the wrong way and are not sure how things are going so they do not know when to turn around.  Analysis paralysis folks have charts, spreadsheets, data on many differing areas but they will not DO anything.  They think making a mistake is the worst thing that can happen.  Nudging, wheedling, cajoling them out of a lifetime of habits makes my task challenging but also very interesting.

If you are anxiously waiting for 2010 to end I suggest taking time now to plan for a running (or fast walking) start is a good way to use the remaining month. Imagine what you want 2011 to be like for you and your family. Want to spend more time together? Establish or develop long term goals as a team. Really think about how you want your life to be in 1, 5, 10 years. Plan out to your 115th birthday. Why not, better to have made progress than to get there than wish you had done more for others along the way.

Then think about where you are today. That place is fine- really. It is where you are, not necessarily where you wanted to be.  But in order to establish a map to anyplace you must know where you are as part of the process. That place is okay. Look at the person in the mirror in terms of family, faith, health, finance, work – whatever are the main areas your life revolves around now. IF these areas match where you want your life to focus fine. If they are not, time for a shift to match your personal values.

Planning now will let you move faster toward these values. The next series of postings will focus on finance and work but as human beings we usually have more than one path to follow so I will discuss these areas and their coordination.

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