Check Your Options

by rwaters on August 20, 2010

Waiting for the axe to fall at work and wonder how you will keep things together if/when you get laid off? STOP waiting around and start thinking about what kind of business you can start to supplement income now and convert to full time employment later. Seem like too much work? If you are like me and have actually been laid off you may WISH you had some kind of plan moving forward instead of taking a passive role.
Time to get rehired after a layoff is going up. Can you wait 8, 10, 12 months while collecting unemployment? BTW, will what you collect from unemployment insurance actually pay your bills? Many states vary a bit but it is about ½ what you earned before up to a specific level. Once you are earning over the level your payout does not go up. What you are paid out is also subject to income tax!

All states have online and phone resources to give specific info about your situation. Learning that you would be able to collect under $325 a week – minus – 1/3 for taxes should help you wake up! Go ahead contact your state and then figure out what you family expenses are for a month. I dare ya! If you don’t like what you see it may be time to take better control of your future by looking for an addition stream of income while you still have a job.

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