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by rwaters on January 5, 2010

Do you remember Charles Shultz “Pigpen” character? He seems like a nice enough fellow but always has a cloud of dust following him. ( This is what some folks seem to feel like all the time. The two main problems with this are they make a mess everywhere they go – which challenges us to accept them AND they are responsible for the cloud. All of us need to dust ourselves off and clean up our baggage on occasion -even you fastidious folks. And of course me.
Keeping the cloud around us can be a way of shielding ourselves from making meaningful, positive changes. “I have never been able to quit smoking before. I probably never will be able to do it. So why even try?” “Every year I gain a few more pounds. Dieting & exercise are boring. I will just get used to being fat. My doctor does not understand I am big boned.”
In my own weight issues while I have worked through to some success I have not completed the trip. In the 1990s I weighed in at 237 pounds. More like Oprah in those days than I needed to be. I worked hard for over a year by taking up walking and closely watching what I ate to “lose” over 50 pounds. Quotation marks are because I was not looking for the “lost” weight. I am continuing to flee it ;-). Still, I am not where I need to be for health reasons. Diabetes & hypertension are in my family in large numbers. So far I have managed to avoid them probably because I still work out 4-5 days a week. But that still puts me on borrowed time.
For 2010, one of my challenges will be to get rid of the remaining pounds I need to move my BMI into a healthy range. This will be 45 pounds. Not a small amount but at 1 lb per week I will be done in November. Feel free to encourage and support my progress – HINT.

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