Empower Yourself, Empower Your Business

“Ask Dr. Rhonda” works with motivated adults and inspired executives to grow and maintain profitable and efficient businesses, from small start-ups to follow-ups for large corporations. Our holistic vs. mechanistic approach ensures that both the process and the results are personally and financially satisfying.

Consultancy and Coaching

The Road to Success is strewn with potholes and detours. “Ask Dr. Rhonda” helps you chart a safe passage though proven, objective methods and support Group and individual sessions make this important accessible to everyone.

Education, Training and Seminar Development

“Ask Dr. Rhonda” delivers a variety of topics geared to business production and administration.  These include areas such as organizational development project management, time and personnel management, career development, and customer relations.  In addition, “Ask Dr. Rhonda” is sensitive to the individual worker’s stress in this economy, and conducts programs appropriate to career changes and business start-ups seasoned individuals.


Dr. Rhonda Waters provides keynote speeches for your in-house or group events.  Each is tailored to your needs, message and industry. Reflecting the vision of “Ask Dr. Rhonda,” the content is informative, motivational and entertaining.

Find out what “Ask Dr. Rhonda” can do for you!